View Full Version : Classic games and dry air.

10-24-2012, 04:15 PM
Another edition of "Radio Goes Shopping"...it's been awhile, since Radio hasn't had a lot of money lately... :whistle:

This past weekend our long weekend trip was marred just a bit. The already dry air was cool, going to the mid 40's F, so we needed a little heat from our electric space heaters. The result was chapped lips and Sweet Wife even had a bit of a nose bleed.

Today I stopped by Rite-Aid drug store (I don't generally go there, but it was convenient) and picked up a pediatric steam vaporizer for $16. Made for Vick's, it's one of those with the two electrodes that boil the water until it's gone. Simple and fool proof. It also has a night light to keep you from falling over it. "Pediatric" means it's small, holding only a gallon, and meant for a small space. Perfect for an RV.

I'd be interested in hearing other dry air solutions.

On the way out, I noticed (but did not buy) a couple of "nostalgic game consoles" by both Atari and Sega. Like the old 8-bit consoles from long ago they hook to the TV, come with 2 joysticks and 75 - 80 of the old time games depending on which one you get. Small enough to pack in the RV. Priced at $40 each.

We still have our 8-bit Nintendo and a bunch of games for it. When the kids come home at Christmas, they'll head to the basement and play Mario and Kirby like they did when they were little.