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electricflyer 01-20-2018 07:20 PM

Another License Class Done
Just finished another license class, this one was for upgrades to General. We had 7 get their upgrades, in addition we had some people taking exam for other licenses. There were 2 that passed their Technician exam and 3 that got upgrades to Amateur Extra. Congratulations to all that passed. With the impending government shut down the FCC will be on the job until Friday the 26 of January so with the electronic downloads to the FCC all license call signs and upgrades will appear early Monday morning. On to the regular test session on Monday evening. That will make 3 test sessions in 8 days, it keeps us busy.

For the classes we conduct we use Laurel VEC for the exams. There is no fee for the testing. If you know anyone wanting to get a license or an upgrade at no cost you may want to check and check the VE Team locations and the Exam Schedule to see when the next session will take place.


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