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electricflyer 06-04-2017 07:05 PM

Atlanta Hamfest 2017
Well the Atlanta hamfest is in the books now. I worked at the my club's display table, saw a lot of old friends and made some new ones. I didn't walk out in the boneyard but was told there was a pretty good crowd there. I always help with the license testing every year and this one was a little unique. It was a small group compared to other years, we had 16 take tests and 15 passed, only one failure which was great. Several upgraded to Amateur Extra and now can sleep at night not thinking about the exam. We had a father, son and grandson all take the tech test and all passed, in fact the father was blind. We had a lady get an upgrade to General who was also blind. It's great that these people had an interest in ham radio. The VEC was CAVEC, an organization based in Huntsville, AL. The session leader had a list of about 12 VE's that said they would help with the exams and only 3 showed up, myself included in the 3. I will have to brag and say that had I not been there they would have had problems but I was able to round up 3 more VE's that test with my regular ARRL group and it was mission accomplished. The next large hamfest will be the 1st weekend in November at the Gwinnett County fairgounds, see you there.

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