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That is what it sounds like but far far too clear.. It has to be something in the RV, I've a rather extensive computer net.. Wi-Fi "modem" (Linksys WGA-54G) Router (belkin) something like 8 differnet devices some wired (4) some Wi-Fi. including Shack Computer (WI-Fi at the moment but there is a were in place, blanged adapter not adapting) This laptop (Wired but can use wifi) Switch, DVR 1, DVR-2 File Server (Windiows 7 comp)_ For DVR's Phone, tablet Chromecase and tablet.

However what comptuers are on/off or eve3n exist do not seem to affect it.. (The Chrome book for example is new this month and it's been happening for years,, The Tablet is new last year (As is the phone) Tablet is currently re-playing Ham nation via Chrome cast (Also new in 2014) but it's been happening longer than that.. And only sometimes.. Not always.. Today it was clear, but faint, I gave my call (3.973 MHz) Rich said HI, then I heard the echo.
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