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Another interesting thing or two:

I know almost nothing about horses and mules, but I've been Googling. The portside mule (I'll use nautical terminology because it's something I do know) is trotting and looks quite normal. The midship mule is probably on the opposite trot, but appears to be missing his left foreleg entirely. The starboard mule is probably trotting too, but is (1) out of step, and (2) the portside mule's identical twin.

Between the three mules, there's a total of four hooves touching the ground. A strange mixture of gaits if I understand what I've Googled.

The guys seated inside have bigger shoulders than the mules have.

I think they took a photo of two mules trotting, pulling a dray or a wain or something, and PSed a third mule (probably the same as the portside mule but a different photo with different harness) in on the starboard side, and then PSed the body of a travel trailer or pickup camper or something atop the dray.

You reckon?
-- Carl
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