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Originally Posted by NN5I View Post
Went to a friend's house for Halloween. She dressed as a witch, and I wore my Judo gi. We had a great time greeting little kids at the door; she gave them candy and offered them "poison" apples; I gave them quarters, two each. I always give quarters, because the leftovers won't make me fatter like leftover candy would.

The kids were wonderful in their costumes, and I was reminded of a favorite YouTube video showing just how amazing little kids can be. I thnk anyone will enjoy watching these little guys on << >>. I estimate she's four and he's five. I have known several world-class gymnasts, but I never saw anyone execute these entries to a handstand.

I had some talented kids in my Judo classes; if I had had these two they'd be Olympic champions.
Just stunning. Not that I understood their language, but they seemed to be comfortable with their intro speech also.

I suspect we'll see these two in international competition in another 10 years.

Great video, Carl.

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