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Default ORR Net

Hey Guys,

To be honest we had no plans for setting up a "net", but that ain't a bad idea. I'm glad I thought of that !!!

Mark, Andy and I were just setting up a schedule to see if we could make contact and get acquainted on the air. I can talk much faster than I type. We had tried it last weekend and tried to coordinate it via e-mail. I decided I would post it on ORR, incase others wanted to join. I don't know if 40 meters is the proper band. Conditions are sure strange as of late. I felt sure 40 meters would work for Mark (Miami) and I and knew it would probably be a stretch for Andy (CT). I just chose 7230 because that is where the RV Service Net meets and I think a lot of RV'ers and mobiles hang out around that freq. Thoughts were, if we could get a discussion going, we could spread the word about ORR a little more as well.

At 1 PM ET I heard Mark maybe once, but way down in the noise. I could hear a lot of stations (Q-5) to the north (Tennessee and Virginia areas). On the 4 PM ET attempt, I could hear Texas, Tennessee and up into Virginia. I could barely hear Mark down in Miami. Signals to the south of me didn't compare to the signals I was receiving from the north and the west. I worked that one guy in Raleigh, NC without a hitch and he was only running 4 or 5 watts. If Andy had not skipped out to go eat with friends I think we could possible have worked. I think Andy will "throw you down the well where food is involved". Texas was coming in good and could have probably worked you OK Ken. I know without a doubt it would have been a pipeline to the Atlanta area Wade.

I don't know anything about 17 meters, never even been on that band. I'm game though lets start setting up some skeds and see if we can get to know each other on the air. There are a number of ORR members out west, I'll load something up to work 20 or another band to get out there.

Got any ideas or sked times ? Post 'em up on the board and I'll try to work around things to make the contacts and get acquainted. Ken and others on ORR, we can do this several times a week. Whatever is convenient for you. Just post a message with a day, time and freq and I (and others I'm sure) will try to make it. A few of us have a little time on our hands. We are fortunate enough that we don't have to punch a clock anymore, at least not righ now.

Wade, sorry to hear about Matt's accident. I assume he was not injured from the way you spoke. That's a bummer. My son has a little '95 Ranger that we bought new. Great little trucks. I know Matt's going to miss his but, that F150 is just a step up.

Got to get out of here and get ready for Church. I'll be checking back and looking for schedules from anywhere.

Jim ~ W4EWA
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