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Mr. Ham
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Default Sunbeam mixer

My fondest memories of my paternal grandmother was of her in the kitchen on a Saturday afternoon baking a cake.
My Grandmother had a white Sunbeam Mixmaster mixer.

When Grandma died, I bought her house and everything in it.
The younger generation took all of the stuff of value and left me the pots and pans and dishes. Then when they realized there was more loot to be had, they wanted that also.

I basically had to tell them that it was my house now and besides that - they took everything of value when they came to clean out the house.
I found Grandma's old Sunbeam Mixmaster mixer in the cupboard - with no bowl..

In my travels, I found a similar bowl in a local GoodWill Store.
Today I found a pristine Sunbeam Mixmaster - stainless steel and aluminum in mint condition for $6.00 with two bowls. The only thing that was missing was the beaters, it came with a set of cream whips...

I know it is an insult to buy women this type of stuff anymore and that we have no right to ask them to cook or clean, but if I was a woman, this is the mixer I would want in my kitchen!
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