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Default Drones for RVing

Hey everyone, I am absolutely in love with this website so far. I have been looking for somewhere that I can chat with other road trippers and this is perfect!

Now for my question, has anyone ever brought a drone with them on a road trip in the RV? I was thinking of picking up one so that I can take some cool videos when we park up, maybe even try and get some driving clips while the wife is driving the RV and I am controlling the drone? I don't know, just some thought. There are some really small ones I saw online that could even take video inside the RV while driving.

What do you all think of the idea? Personally I think it should be great(the wife needs a little convincing, thus this thread was born) as we will get some amazing clips to show people when we finish the trip. The other thing I am asking is if anyone knows some good drones for what I am asking, or even just a place to look at buying them from. I prefer to get something like this online as if I go to the store all the guys in there just treat me like their dad who knows nothing about computers. Any advice you guys have would be amazing, and very welcomed. Thanks!
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