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Default Disapointing test session

Big let down. Our November 28th regular test session had no takers. There was supposed to be at least 2 come and test but became no shows. Our VE groups is one of the busiest on the East Coast. We have no problem getting enough VE's. We had 9 for this last session and have had as many as 13 to administer the test for a Technicians class session.

No problem with the number of license holders, US and territories now have 806,696 amateur licenses, an all time high. That can be a little deceiving because includes all the deceased that relatives or friends failed to notify the FCC about as well as club licenses. I know of 1 deceased that is still on the books. His wife did his renewal while he was in the hospital just prior to his death and no one notified the FCC so his call is still good for about 7 more years. I would have done it but you need either a copy of the obit from a newpaper or the information from a funeral home. He was 1000 miles from where I live and I told his sister, a high school classmate) who lives about 40 miles from me to send the notice but nothing has ever been done, not even anyone from the local ham club. I would estimate there is somewhere between 10 and 20 thousand deceased with active licenses.

One note about FCC licenses, there is still one Tech Plus license out there. I keep watching it and waiting for it to disappear as when it comes up for renewal it will revert to just a Tech license.
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