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Default RF feedback on 20 mtr

I am getting a fair amount of audio feedback on ssb on 20 meters.
However, it changes with the mic I use.

When using the handheld mic , it's is barely present, but just barely noticeable.

When I use the Heil pro set unit, with a foot switch, it's horrible.

I am assuming the long lead to the footswitch is picking up the RF, compared to the hand mic.

And only on 20 meters.

All components of station are connected to a DC ground( single lead, not really a RF ground), am using Icom 7200 to Alpha vertical with 28-30 ft of coax.

So, where to start, work on microphone circuit or coax feeding antenna ( common mode problem?)????

Suggestions please.
Dick KE0ME
Gandalf the White (miniature Schnauzer)
2014 Silverado 2500
currently don't own an RV
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