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Default Christmas surprise and a question

I was talking to my brother (extra license but not on the air), and he mentioned he had an old xcvr he got from the estate of a deceased ham friend of his.

Since he is not active , I joked that it would make a good Christmas present for me since he didn't actually have to pay anything for it.

So, we were back in Kansas City area visiting my son and family at Ft. Leavenworth ( he just promoted to Major). My brother came over to visit and said that he brought the old radio for me. The "old radio" is a MINT condition Kenwood TS-830S.
not Evan a scratch a on the case and absolutely clean.

That's a pretty nice old radio.

Anyway, brought it home and will be checking to see if it works ok, if driver/finals are ok, etc.

Since this has a tube driver and final, I looked for the power switches, one says POWER ON and the other says HEATER ON.

From the poor quality manual I found on line, looks like the power switch must be ON before the heater switch will have voltage.
In other words, the heater Switch is downstream of the power switch, they are not independent in operation.

Any Kenwood folks out there to confirm that sequence, don't want to inadvertently burn out the finals.
Dick KE0ME
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