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Mr. Ham
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Stories of NASA -

I worked for a local machine shop - MWM Machine -

We had a big flood in 1996 and the machines I ran still had dirt, mud, water inside of the electric motors and gear boxes two years later.

They would take one or two at a time off line, tear them apart, refurbish them and then put them back together again.

One of the Millwrights - Sam the Garlic Man, was sitting on the table of a boring mill at lunch time and Jimmy Broom asked him why there was a hole in the middle of his boring mill table, and none of the other mills had this hole.
They were all G&L 4 inch mills.

Sam fessed up that he was working one Sunday night by himself and was operating 3 different machines by himself. Sam got the first two running and was working on setting up a job in the lathe and forgot about his cut.
When he came back, the cutter had gone through the bed of the machine.

When Jimmy asked him if he caught heck or was fired for doing this Sam exclaimed that the owner had nothing to say because he was making them a lot of money when he was operating 3 machines at the same time.

Sam worked for NASA during the Space Program in the 1970's and 80's and was the engineer that thought up piggy backing the Space Shuttle on the outside of the 747...

Sam planted a crop of garlic and a local buyer gave him $40 a lb for it and told him that he would buy all that Sam grew the following year.
So Sam planted a 20 acre field at his farm the next year and then the buyer refused to buy his crop unless he cleaned it and threw away the smaller bulbs.
SaM dumped the whole crop behind his trailer and got out of the garlic business.
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Carl, nn5i
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Originally Posted by Mr. Ham View Post
... about all you have to do is speel your name right ...
I guess you'd be in trouble if your name was Spell. I used to live next door to a family named Spell. Their kids spent more time in my house than in theirs, and we're still friends 35 years later.
-- Carl
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I also figured out the frequency is the same and the Square wave was around about 2x the height of the sine.. (You said already the amplifier settings are different)

I assume the numbers across the top of the screen are significant to frequency and voltage but as I have never seen a scope that had those.. They are meaningless to me.

IF I had ever used that scope... the meaning would be remembered.

I do recall in Electronics class (AC) we built a small oscillator and then added modulation.. I thought the scope trace looked,,,, funny.. So I swapped a couple of leads and proved it... Then trouble shot the circuit to find what was wrong and fixed it.. Impressed the heck out of my lab partner.. Teacher (A fellow ham) Knew exactly what I did (Went from a time based display to a trapezoid display which is audio cycle based instead of time). He was somewhat more impressed with my ability to trouble shoot though.
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