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Default Best vehicle to tow trailer 10,500 GVWR

I would prefer to have a truck rated for 12,500 GVWR for safety. I've never owned a full size truck in my life, but just in looking at some of the Trailer Life towing guides I'm starting to discover that I need either a heavy 3/4 ton or even a 1-ton.

A friend of mine told me that the cheapest route would be to go with a Ford diesel 3/4 ton with something called a "bulletproof" kit already installed, or a GMC truck made after 2009.

I need something that I can hitch up and haul days in a row if need be. Won't be RVing fulltime, but when retirement comes I hope to be Rving most of the time.


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I'd definitely go with a 1-ton (Ford F350, Chev/GMC C3500 or K3500). It's no longer than the equivalent 3/4 ton, has a stronger frame and suspension, gets about the same gas mileage, etc. It's a little bit taller and can go anywhere. It's more robust generally and will last longer. Everything about it is designed to haul more weight. It usually has better brakes, too.

Also, run stock wheels and tires! You'll often see people using wider wheels, tires that stick out at the sides, and so forth. These always reduce the weight-carrying capacity of the whole vehicle, especially at the front end, because they move nearly all the weight to the outer front wheel bearing. As designed, the inner front wheel bearing carries about 2/3 of the weight; that's why it is larger than the outer bearing, which is sized for about 1/3. Moving the whole load outward, say two inches, concentrating it on the outer bearing, can be expected to reduce the bearing life by a factor of ten or more.

All that add-on crap is marketed to the unwary or ignorant. The engineers that designed the vehicle know more than you and I know, and he who falls prey to (most of) the aftermarket marketing hype is a victim.
-- Carl
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The Best Tow vehicle is a Trail-Hauler. alas Wi-Ro seems to have dropped that line,
Or a competitor of Trail-Hauler

Wil-Ro took the Small size Peterbvuilt Semi Tractors and rigged them for RV use

Other companies do the same thing both the smaller "local" tractors and the larger Cross Country size.
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