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Originally Posted by w6pea View Post
My xyl and myself have been talking about getting Direct TV or Dish Network for in the RV. Anyway I called Direct TV today just to get some prices and compare their package with Dish Network. (We have had both) They seemed to want me to sign up right then and there. I thanked them for their time. This was about 1300 hrs. We sat down and had some lunch at about 1500 hrs. While we were eating our lunch the phone rings, our caller ID gave a number in Area Code 312, I have an Aunt that lives in a rest home in that area code even though I didn't recognize that number I answered it, (thinking it was about my Aunt -my Dad's only living sister) Any way it's some skank from Direct TV wanting to know WHY under no Uncertain Terms why I did not sign up for Direct TVnow here is the kicker I just got another call from them. I didn't answer the phone but they left a message, the thing that makes me mad is that the salesperson kept asking for a credit card number and my telephone number I did not give them my phone number but I know that even if you have your number blocked on out going calls it still shows up on any 800 number you call. I guess Direct TV must really be hurting, I do know that after their hard sale tactics I wouldn't even recommend Direct to my ex-wife. Sorry for the rant.
73 de w6pea
Thank you for all of the replies... but my post was not about bad customer service or having problems with was about some pushy skank from Direct TV calling and demanding to know why I did not sign up for service right then and there!! that was the original reason for my post..
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