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Many cameras (and smartphones? I dunno) come with Adobe Photoshop Elements on the included CDs, which can do most of that stuff. There are versions for Windows and for Mac. I've never used Elements although it came with various cameras I've bought (I use full Photoshop, which has many capabilities that aren't in Elements), but Elements costs much less -- the difference is more than a kilobuck -- and is often free. If you want to do your fixups on a smartphone, surely there are many apps. For all I know to the contrary, Elements may be available as an app, too.

Many smartphones have gravity sensors built in, and know which way you were holding them. It wouldn't be a surprise if there was a turn-on-able feature in the smartphone that would rotate the pictures automatically so you wouldn't have to do it later. My new Nikon camera doesn't do that, but it does at least set a bit in the picture file that tells Photoshop to do it automagically. My older cameras don't have gravity sensors and don't set that bit.

Is there really such a word as turn-on-able? How about automagically?
-- Carl
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