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Carl, nn5i
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Eeee -- I used to keep my airplane at Panacea airport. Maybe I'm lucky that I can no longer afford to own an airplane and haven't had one since 1994. If Posey's is flooded, so is the airport. A shame; Posey's was a fine place to eat.
-- Carl
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One Country Boy
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Well Debby is out of here... Nothing but Florida sunshine today and 94 degrees.

Carl, Posey's has been closed and vacant for several years now. The economy got to it I can only assume. I know the Panacea airport you mentioned. That's about 65 - 70 miles via the highway from my QTH. I would imagine the field itself is or was under water. The surge was the big thing along the coastal areas.

Live Oak, Lake City area is the hardest hit of all in Florida. if you've been watching the Weather Channel, I suppose you know that by now. I have an old high school chum in Live Oak, his house has about 4 ft of water in it. Reports indicate that the rivers in that area probably will not crest for a week. I measured 11.8 inches total rain here, some of those in the Live Oak area got 24 to 26 inches. That's a lot of rain in a short while.

All is well here, thanks for your concerns.

Jim ~ W4EWA
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