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One change in those recommendations.. You said if on the road abandon the vehicle and get in a ditch.. Ditches can rapidly fill with water causing you to drown.. Avoid ditches. Not a good choice, Find other shelter.

Looking at one of the photos above....

Pilot/owner to insurance agent: "A telephone pole hit my heilocopter"
Agent: Uh, say again.
Pilot/owner: A telephone pole hit my 'copter"

The facts of the case: Copter was grounded, tied down INSIDE a hanger, Not occupied at the time... Telephone pole had been used to add support to the roof while workmen were re-roofing due to leaks. It was basically just "Jammed" in prop style (I've done a few things like that)

Whind gust caused the roof to "lift" just a little, Just enough to release the pole,, When fell down.. Right on top of Pat's 'copter.

The pole really DID hit the 'copter.

True story. Pat is,, Well, a bit crazy (Ex Nam 'copter pilot) but a very nice guy, I've met him a few times.

He dropped in to my office one day and cleaned all the debris off our patio by blowing it away with that big fan he sits under (Think about how close to a 21 story office building he had to be to do that and you will know what I mean by crazy).
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Thought I'd dig up this old thread after watching the national weather reports on tornado watch/warnings across the entire country going on now.

And the last few weeks, actually.

Sorry I'm late.

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