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Originally Posted by NN5I View Post
I actually did that once (unintentionally) with a can of Campbell's chicken-with-rice soup. The explosion was very violent and destroyed the stovetop and the oven which was on the opposite side of the kitchen; made shrapnel out of a cookpot; damaged the wall and ceiling; and even damaged walls and furniture in another room. It was very expensive.

The stovetop was a gas rangetop. The explosion blew the flame out and damaged the pipe and valves so the gas could not be turned off at the burner. I had to run outside and turn it off at the meter.

I was a couple rooms away when it went off, which was very lucky; I'm sure it could easily have killed me.

Don't do that.
My wife was doing hard boiled eggs and decided to go to the post office unfortunately she forgot about the eggs. When she got home both dogs were cowering in the furriest corner of the house there were eggs shells in the living room we had to repaint the ceiling in the kitchen and the house stank of exploded eggs for weeks.
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