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Default antenna location discussion

I'm sure I will get some good feedback from this post, so please respond with your comments (serious or funny).

I'm looking to get an antenna I don't have to keep setting up and taking down.
I pull a fifth wheel with a crew cab Chevy, but don't really want to operate mobile ( I already have my mental capacity at the limit just keeping it all between the white lines).

I'm thinking a little tarheel would work well. I'm just about all HF, so probably don't need 6 mtr, and need quick setup.

I'm thinking of 2 options:

1- mount tarheel in truck bed (front driver corner), keep antenna coax connection loose and just hook it to radio when I want to operate, can set up radio inside or outside trailer.

2- mount tarheel on ladder on back of trailer. Would still like option of operating inside or outside trailer (wife may want to watch TV, that wont be workable senario if I'm yelling my callsign to work some exotic DX, like Canada)

the second option seems the best since I think it would keep the antenna away from metal better than on truck bed.

However, how high will the tarheel be above the 5er? I don't want to smack any underpasses. Lay down bracket might help, budget is a concern also.

Constructive comments please!!!
Dick KE0ME
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What is the trailer made of?

Fiberglass mount the Tarheal on a bumper mount (If the bumper is solid you can use a clamp on hitch, but if it's not you can bolt an extension onto the frame I can design it for you if you need (two "U" bolts with clamps and a flat piece of metal)

If it is Aluminum ... Ignore this post.
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Living proof: I use a Tarheel 300A mounted just to the rear of the cab (F350 Lariat Crew Cab) on the lip of the bed (Breedlove extended mount with disconnect). I run the control line (choke at antenna!) and coax (coax choke right there at ant base) into the fiver and have the FT-450D set up in the bedroom. About 75 feet cable. It is not used in motion of course but with the Pickup parked to the rear of the RV. I also use the MFJ programmable tuner for 10 preset stops and it works great. Very pleased with the antenna...seems to be VERY good considering what and where it is and with 100 watts. I have been able to work most everything I hear except in pile ups (but I got a few of those too). Have a 1 inch wide ground strap from the mount to the side of the bed (attached under where the bungie lugs bolt to frame) and I think that makes a difference. Bottom line: Works well!
Bill, N4MU

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Thought I would throw my 2 cents in....I use an MFJ-2982 31' vertical mounted to the ladder on the back of my 5'ver about 1 foot above the bumper. It's in a 31' fiberglass telescoping mast, so I leave it mounted to the ladder and just remove the coax when ready to travel. Check my QRZ page for more details
73's KF5JWR
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I would not mount a screw driver antenna close to the cab unless you can get the coil above the roof. I have seen some mounted on a tool box in the bed they to me are still a bit too close to the cab. Here is a HS antenna I bought at a ham fest for $50 and rebuilt on the back of my camper with my home made mount it folds down and every thing gets assembled on the ground then I raze the mount up and it gets pinned. I also have 24' of fiberglass poles for the 10,12,15, and 17 meter rotatable dipole.
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Ham Stick Dipole I use on a camera lighting tripod. Have this set of sticks tuned to 10 meter. My son uses it also and has Ham sticks tuned to other bands. All we have to do is un-screw ham sticks and screw in others. This picture was down in a valley and reached from MI to South America easily. Just fold it up, lay in the basement of 5er and away we go. Well it works for now.

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This is my Buddipole mounted on 18 ft Painters Pole attached to the ladder of my 5'er. Good for 40-10 meters, and use a iP30 Field antenna SWR Analyzer to set the coils with. Not the most ideal, but does work, as have worked VK-land with it while boondocking in the Mojave Desert of Calif., and running 10 watts. Must have been a perfect prop day, hi.
John & Connie Neeley
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w6zkh looks good /w5dvahere lookin atbpdeluxe also 4 my 37fter nice picture (rick e mail [email protected] in mass now 73s rick(fulltimer-47)
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Carl, nn5i
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For DXing, I would say that the best location for an antenna is some place like Ascension Island. Baker or Howland Island would be good, too. Or Chad.
-- Carl
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Here is the dipole on the fiberglass mast tuned for 17 meters. It all gets assembled on the ground then I just walk the mast up on the hinge arrangement on the bumper and put the pin in. The antenna is just about the same length as the trailer. It is guyed.
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