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Yep there are wing nuts on every band but there are more good hams then wing nuts just keep trying and don't listen to 14.313! I had a hard time with the AM guys on HF but now I'm a regular they have even gotten used to my "rice box"!
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Here is a great site for powerpoint presentations for the different classes of license. I have used the general and the extra found them to be very good. I like the way they break the lessons down into small increments. I found that they followed the ARRL book fairly close.

as Far as online tests. My girls are using this website for free tests. My oldest (15) passed her general almost two months ago and my youngest (13) is almost ready to take her general.

Hope this helps and good luck. Keep us posted on your progress.

BTW....You're welcome to come to our local ham club meetings any time.
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