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Originally Posted by wa8yxm View Post
This is not exactly Ham Radio related but in a way it is.

For several years when I went camping for the weekend (At least 10 years) I pulled a 13' SCAMP trailer. In all those years I never saw another. Finally, in 2005, I pulled it up to General RV, unhooked it, got in a Class A motor home (Brand New Damon Intruder 377W) and suddenly every time I hit the road with the RV, there is another Scamp.

One of those (I think the 1st or 2nd one I saw) had a large sign in the rear window with the owner's callsign on it.. Tried to call them but alas, they were not listening to 146.52

Like the Scamp trailers.. They are out there.. I don't know why I suddenly see Scamps all over but I have had people call me while on the road It helps if you have multiple radios so you can leave one on 146.52 or if you have a plate (Such as I had on my old Apache) that lists the frequencies you monitor Soon as I get everything the way I want it on the MH, that plate will make the trip to the Damon
I have seen several MHs with ham plates but never saw antennas and also could not make contact on 146.52.

Once I figure out a way to bring in multiple antenna cables I plan on having 2m, 440, and 1.2 while mobile and HF + 6m while stopped. If you come up with an easy way of mounting multiple antennas and routing multiple cables into a MH without doing alot of drilling into the roof or fiberglass post it here.


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Echolink - N6LZR-R (Linked to 1.2 Rpt )
IRLP - Coming soon
DStar Rpts - Coming soon
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