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Thanks to all and Special Thanks to Wade. Wade is # 1 at this site and I am #2, I am the behind the scenes guy. I know how to do this but dont have the time I want to post and watch.

We are having a great time here but its OUR site and I am hiding. I love this web stuff!!!!!!


Originally Posted by Radio View Post
I lost my Dad 30 years ago...but I still have my Mom. She's 84 and does whatever she pleases. Sweet Wifes parents have passed on, her Mom spent her last few months in our dining room before the pulmanary fibrosis finally took her.

My Dad had a stroke and was gone within the hour. Both of Kathy's folks lingered on for months. At least everyone knew the end was near and if you had something to do, or say then you knew it was time to get it done. Mammy (Kathy's Mom) had a bunch of stories bottled up inside and shared them, and she had some recipes she wanted archived so that future generations could enjoy them.

The pain does go away, especially if you part on good terms as we did.

But you never cease to miss them. My Dad would have been so proud of my son graduating GA Tech this year.

But life goes on. I just might go ahead and get that 5th wheel, and be a little in debt for a while, to enjoy one or two more seasons with Sweet Wife, as we are never promised tomorrow.


PS...and it's turning out to be a mighty fine forum after all, isn't it? Mike is the one that does all the work and I'm the one that come up with all the goofy ideas that makes more work for Mike to do!
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And I thought I had a bad year......Sorry to hear of this.
May 2008 be a better year.
"Semper Fi"
Politicians are a lot like diapers, They should be changed often, and for the same reason!
When all else fails...Amateur Radio
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Default Amazing!

I'm always amazed at how we as humans can cope and bounch back from adversity. As for Mike, he's a prime example of that. I'm sure a bunch of prayers and a little help from above made it happen.

Hang in there Mike.....You ROCK!
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Hope that all you guys that had a bad 2007 will have a better 2008. My 2007 was actually better than 2006.
Entire year of 2006 was almost constant trips back and forth between Louisiana and Illinois. My mom was in Louisiana and my MIL was in Illinois, both in nursing home with last stages of Dementia. There was nobody left in the family to take care of either one, so it was up to us.
My mom passed away one year ago next week, so that took some of the pressure off. During 2007, DW retired from Louisiana State job as a supervisor in Child Protection, and I quit my job as Deputy Sheriff soon after she retired ( I had already retired in 2003 from my career job as Aviation Inspector for the Federal Government after 36 years service).
Soooo --- Now we are both foot loose and free. In Nov 2007 we bought our new motorhome and plan for a good year of travel in 2008. Of course we still have MIL in Illinois, but with MH and no job requirements, it will be not as much stress to go up there anytime we need to.
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