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definitely older, I'm 67.

Some days I feel as young as 45, other days quite a few numbers higher.
Dick KE0ME
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currently don't own an RV
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I have grown accustomed to the white haired guy looking back from the mirror. For quite a while there I greeted him with "Who the heck are you and what have you dome with the other me?"

But my brain thinks I'm still between 30-40 and wonders why yard projects take the wind out of me way, way faster than they used to.

And I have a hard time believing I spent the first 20 years of my life in a house with no air conditioning, went to schools with no air conditioning and most cars still had no air, either.

Today's 95 F is much hotter than yesterdays it seems

KU4OJ "Wade" Ships Captain, CFO, Chief Engineer
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I will be 78 in a little over a month from now. Just returned today from a 2,000+ mile trek back to my hometown for my 60th high school class reunion. Classmates weren't moving as fast as the last reunion. Lots of shuffling feet, canes and walkers. Some didn't age very well and a few didn't seem to age at all. I'll post some photos of my BIL's antenna farm and his shack as well as some of the places we stopped along the way, later. Have to get some rest for now.

Oh, by the way Radio, Happy Birthday.
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Just discovered this forum, and yes I'm also 60 now and itching to retire for more hamming and RVing!


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Carl, nn5i
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Happy birthday, Wade. Welcome, Tom. You guys are youngsters.

Don't worry about that white-haired guy. He's just bragging about having hair.

Having worn glasses since age 7 (69 years), and having just last Wednesday had cataract surgery in left eye (right eye next Wednesday), I've never before seen in the mirror a guy without really thick glasses. Now I can see that unbespectacled guy in the mirror with my left eye, and soon I'll see him with both eyes. Funny looking. He still doesn't have any hair to speak of.

But my vision is now 20/15 in the left eye, all the way from the horizon to arm's length, and the right eye is expected to turn out that way too. Awesome! I'll wear glasses only for reading.
-- Carl
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