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I'm not sure about the others but the Yaesu Fusion radios basically operate at two levels. The digital modes can be used on repeaters and on simplex, producing excellent sound quality. Depending on the radio, you can also send digital messages from one radio to another while talking on the frequency (or so the documentat ion says).

Using a network like Wires-X does require Internet and will not be much use when the big one hits (west coast).

My experience listening to Wires-X on my FTM400XDR was accidental and did not require any reprogramming. I picked it up on two different frequencies that I happened to have preprogrammed and were in my scan set.
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As far as the DMR yes you will have to change code plugs for regions it’s pretty easy you can do that ahead of time but it will require a computer to program the radio you can have dozens of files programed for different regions. All of the linking systems Fusion, DMR, echolink, etc do require internet access because of the world wide linking. Fusion and DMR are two different modes and do not play well with others there are gadgets that can link them however.Yeah I guess with a dead internet you'll have to relay on the propagation gods with HF.
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