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Hyperbaric medicine is interesting from what I've read and seen. Amazing how it speeds the healing process. I think they have done a lot of experimentation with that process at the Naval Coastal Systems Lab on Panama City Beach, near my QTH.

".... and in fact that may be the strongest argument for that radio (over the Yaesu & ICOM)" Hmmm ? Kenwoods are just real radios Tom. Those others are like comparing apples and oranges. Hi Hi. I've just always been partial to Kenwood.

Thanks for the info Mark and Mike. Good luck in your descision Tom.


Jim ~ W4EWA
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I called AES in Milwaukee yesterday, and they have all of those radios in stock. I think they are only about 75 minutes or so from my house, so I guess I'll need to take a ride down there to check them out. I am going to dig out the old "Tune In The World" text I have someplace, and do some reviewing over the weekend. I'm not sure when I will buy something though--I really need to investigate different possibilities for antennas first. Getting a radio without having the right antenna for my neighborhood, won't be good.

I might dig out the Yaesu FT-2400 2m rig though. I think I could rig up an antenna to hit a local repeater, and maybe get back on the air anyway. I might have to do it from the RV in the driveway though...depending upon the antenna I have laying around.

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