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Andy N1ORK
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Try looking at this thread in the Black Box forum:
RFI from power converter

Andy - n1ork

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Hello anyone out there?
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I like the poster who said "No time for melting solder"

Just remember folks.. Many RVers have a few screws loose.. NO, not Mental screws, METAL screws.. Specifically every screw in the 120 volt breaker box.

And when they work loose you don't melt solder, you melt copper, and insulation and such,


I had to re-do most all the white wires in my breaker box a day or two ago, and I tightened those suckers myself 5 years ago.. Some of the screws then (when the rig was new) took nearly 2 turns (I think more) to tighten.. No wonder the A/C's only woked when they felt like it, the wire was rattling around in the bus bar (And/or on the breaker) like a pea in a referee's whistle.
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Yep John, I had that problem also in my travel trailer and it turned out to be the converter / charger. Since I got a class-C motor- home, the problem went away. But, I used very heavy gauge wire and ran directly from the house batteries to the radios and made sure of a good ground.

Welcome, and I am sure you can teach us a thing or two.
Dizzy Dick (WB3DZY)
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