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  1. What features would you like to see added to the forum?
  2. What modes do you operate in your RV?
  3. RV Nets
  4. Did you participate in Field Day this year?
  5. RFI in the Campground
  6. 10 Meter Contest
  7. New Year Ham Radio Resolutions
  8. Orlanodo "HamCation" Hamfest and Computer Show
  9. How did you hear about Open Roads Radio.net?
  10. Flu shots, anyone?
  11. Who will admit escaping to the camper in the yard to flee snoring of their spouse?
  12. Radios from kits
  13. ORR Nets?
  14. Exit Guides
  15. Where do you keep your RV?
  16. Adding some new forums
  17. Campground suggestions and review forum?
  18. Introvert vs Extrovert Poll
  19. Storage polls
  20. Poll: How long have you been a licensed Amateur Radio Operator?
  21. The kitchen/galley poll...
  22. How bad do you hate your RV mattress?
  23. Do you have a VHF/UHF radio installed in your RV?
  24. Social Life