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12-20-2011, 06:47 AM
I guess I can start telling a few of these stories now since most of the principles are no longer on this Earth.

More years ago than I want to remember now, there used to be several of us who worked what we called 2nd shift , some of us worked 13:00 to 22:00 , some 15:00 to 00:00 , but usually we could be found on 28.450 anywhere from 22:00 to 06:00 the next morning .
Not a net , just a round table of 10-12 good friends passing gas till the wee hours of the morning.

One of the group was “DENNY” who with his wife Martha had what they called a “HOBBY FARM” in the Floyd Knobs area on the Indiana side of the Ohio River above Louisville Ky.
Denny was a engineer for the L&N Rail Road and had what he called a “MILK RUN” which left the Louisville yards about 16:30 and had Him back home by 23:00 6 evenings a week.
Denny’s routine when arriving home was to grab a cup of coffee, talk with Martha a moment or two catching up on what had happened while he was gone and then check in with the group on .450 then go get a shower and then come back to the radio till whenever, usually from check in to re-check in was no longer than 20 minutes max.

Denny and Martha also had a dog , part German Shepard , part Great Dane ( a small horse) named “RUFUS” who had a bark like a sonic boom and could be very intimidating until you got to know that he was a big baby who only wanted his ears scratched unless you ran from him then he would put you up what ever high place you could find and keep you there till either you came down and scratched his ears or Denny or Martha called him off.

One night things were going pretty much as usual on the net , Denny had checked in and was off to the shower , the usual 20 Minutes had come and gone as had 40 then 50 and no Denny , one of the group who had Denny’s phone number was just mentioning that he was going to call and see if something had happened over at the farm when Denny came back on the air laughing so hard he had to catch his breath every little bit.
I should explain here some where that Denny was one of those “Gentle Giant’s” , 6 foot 6 inch’s tall and about 265 lbs of muscle that wouldn’t hurt a fly.

According to Denny, he had just got in the shower and lathered up when Martha hollered that there was a fox after her chickens again.
Denny , being Denny, stepped out of the shower soap and all , went through the kitchen grabbing his 10 Ga. Double barrel on the way and headed out across the barn lot to dispatch the fox.
At this point someone asked “what was so funny about shooting a fox”?
As the story go’s, Denny was trying to slip up on the fox at the chicken coop, walking across the barn lot with nothing but the 10 Ga. And a smile ( not knowing that “RUFUS” had already taken care of the fox in the chicken yard and another on the back side of the barn) when “RUFUS” who was on his way back to the house to report and get his ears scratched spotted Denny going across the barn lot dripping soap and came to investigate.
Seems that “RUFUS” came up behind Denny and catching the smell of the soap had “COLD NOSED” Denny , who being taken by surprise of course jumped and in the process touched off both barrels of the 10 Ga. .
According to Denny they would be cleaning chickens most of the night (about 20) and would be on a chicken diet for a while, AND that he now had to rebuild the chicken coop in the morning!

I have several more “RUFUS” stories but unless you actually know / knew the players involved it would be rather pointless to tell more at this time.
Hope Ya'll enjoyed !

I cannot eat chicken in any form with out getting a smile thinking of this story.

12-20-2011, 09:16 AM
John, that story with varations is as old as the hills.....


12-20-2011, 09:43 AM
Don't know who was adding or deleting from it but !
I was part of the "NET" and had known Denny and Martha for a number of years when this happened ( I also had a close acquaintance with Rufus, sometimes closer than needed) and a couple of weeks later when helping with an antenna project had some of the chicken and got a look at the rebuilt coop.
As far as I'm concerned this is the original since I never knew Denny to lie about anything to anybody who didn't lie to him first.

Merry Christmas, John

John, that story with varations is as old as the hills.....