View Full Version : The new "Helpful File Repository"

12-14-2007, 08:16 AM
No, we don't really call it that but that's what it is...

How to use the Download feature at Open Roads Radio.

Start at the home page.
Go to the Main Menu box, click on downloads
The downloads page will open and looks pretty much like a forum page.

To download a file

Click on a sub-forum. The Threads that contain the downloadable files will open.
Open the thread of interest and click the file to begin the download.

To upload (contribute) a file

Decide which of the sub-forums would be best for the file you wish to contribute. Click on that subforum.
Click on the New Thread button.
The File upload tool will appear. It says post new article at the top.

You must do these things for this to work

You must give your post a title
You must give your post a score of 1 -10. Don't know why...I give all mine a "5"
You must write in the script box an explination of what your uploaded file is about
You must use one of the upload tools based on what kind of file your are uploading - one of several text files, one of several image files, or a link to a URL. Use the URL link for copyrighted material where the owners want to retain all of their rights.

Click submit at the bottom of the page.

12-14-2007, 09:08 PM
Thanks Radio for this post. It is a little complicated and I am looking at better options for us for the future for helpfull files.

Please feel free to post what you have as they will not be lost but I have to find a better way imo.


12-15-2007, 06:31 AM
All I think it need is a more obvious path from the home page and the forum page. Like a big ol' button in it's own box, that says "Repository of Helpful Files"

Once people find it they'll figure it out.