View Full Version : Open Roads Radio Store is open!

05-26-2012, 02:41 PM
We are in the process of building our own Amazon Associates store to support Open Roads Radio.net.

The store will carry RV supplies, ham radio accessories, all sorts of interesting toys, books and camping gear. We are not done building the store, not all of the "shelves" are stocked just yet. But we decided to go ahead and open the shop and let ya'll have a look around. Suggestions are welcome.

The way it works...

If we sell 6 items in a month, we are paid 4%, 7 or more pays 6%, and so on until it reaches a max of 15 %. So even the little items like tank treatment help us out as the percent works on items sold, not just the price.

The link to the store is here: http://astore.amazon.com/operoaradsto-20

and also appears as a forum on the top of the forum page, and in the announcement message at the top of the portal page. We will imbed a widget for the store soon on each page. (soon as I figure out how :whistle: )

We've tried to stock the RV section especially with stuff you are going to need anyway, so be sure to check the store before buying anywhere else.