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11-08-2012, 09:32 AM
Three questions:

1) What is it, or at least what is it supposed to be?
2) Is it real or fake?
3) How much is it worth?

11-08-2012, 10:57 AM
Well, you have a keyboard and a CRT.

Likely a "Television Typewriter"

I used one of these a few times back in the good old days,, WJR Radio (Am Broadcast, used to be a clear channel station (NOT Clear Channel but clear channel, meaning the only staiton on that frequency, I THINK 760Khz) and a CB group called Michigan Emergency Patrol which monitored chan-9 were in the same building, MEP collected information on traffic and such, also relayed calls for assistance (AAA, other tow, Police, Fire, EMS) gave directions and the like.

I was working Midnight shift one Easter so after shift I went and visited the MEP baswe for a couple hours before going to Church... I switched the TV-Typewriter over to page two and did an Ascii Drawing of an easter bunny using the words "Happy Easter" in the manner of the common "LOVE" print out.

Then off to the right side I put a message "No tie ups, Drive carefully"

It survived the night and on Monday Morning JP was describing it to his listeners, My mother (over 100 miles away) included.

(In the event of an accident or other traffic issue, They simply switched to the other page to list those, and switched back when it was clear).

Andy N1ORK
11-08-2012, 03:31 PM
Looks like one of the original Apple computers. Looks fake because of the wood case, but I remember some that were in wood. If it's real, Its worth a lot.

11-08-2012, 07:39 PM
Saw the article today,
Its the 1st Apple, its real and its worth A LOT.

Now what year :)

11-08-2012, 08:32 PM
It is a hand built Apple computer, one of the first made, circa 1976, originally sold for about $660, (Which to me was a heck of a lot of money in '76) and a working clean example of one of these sold at auction for $212,000 recently.

And oh yeah, it's real. Check your local yard sales. If you find one, BUY IT!