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12-24-2007, 05:55 PM
KG4DQQ is the Sweet Wife of KU4OJ. And as promised, here is:

KG4DQQ's Famous Egg-Nog
Yield: About 20 8 oz. servings

You need:

6 egg yolks
1 cup Southern Comfort
1/2 cup spiced rum*
1/4 cup sugar
1 quart dairy egg-nog*
6 egg whites, stiffly beaten
1/2 gallon vanilla ice cream*
Dash of Nutmeg

Beat egg yolks, slowly add Southern Comfort and spiced rum. (This "cooks" the yolks) Add sugar and blend well. Add in the egg-nog. Pour into chilled punch bowl. Fold in scoops of ice cream and beaten egg whites. Sprinkle with nutmeg. Let sit for 20 - 30 minutes before guests arrive.

Left overs will keep refrigerated for several days.

* Quality of egg-nog is determined by quality of these ingredients. Spend a little money and get the best.

12-24-2007, 06:30 PM
What left overs?

Now I know why my Grandmother was always so happy at Christmas and New Years.

12-25-2007, 01:30 AM
Thanks for the recipe can't wait to try it but might have to be careful of how much I drink.