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05-01-2013, 07:11 PM
Spent the weekend with some friends at Indian Springs State Park which is our custom the last Saturday in April. This trip started out a little different in an aviary sort of way.

We arrived in the campground and began to unhitch. Just as we pulled away from the 5th wheel my wife commanded "SHHH!! Be quiet!! Listen!"

And just barley audible was the "peep peep peep" of baby birds, who were nested in our pinbox. Grabbing a flashlight and having a look see, they were partially covered in a bright blue fuzz and were quite hungry.

Sweet Wife determined that they should be rescued. I extracted the nest as intact as I could and placed it in a bucket. Then it's off to the rangers office to get some suggestion as to what should be done.

They suggested a really neat place, if you are ever coming through Georgia it's worth a visit, http://www.dausettrails.com Dausett Trails Nature Center, about a 5 minute drive from the park.

Upon our arrival however, we learned they were not licensed (by the government of course) to rehabilitate birds. Racoons, turtles, even bears. But not bluebirds. They suggest Noah's Ark, about 20 miles north. http://www.noahs-ark.org so we're back in the truck with bucket, and birds, in hand.

It turns out they ARE licensed to rescue bluebirds and after a bit of paperwork (doesn't that figure) but no fees, and at that point we figured our obligation to our uninvited tenants was complete.

And we had a bit of adventure for a few hours.

And went back to the campsite, picked up our checklist and never missed a beat. And then at last, I got some lunch!

Here's the birds in the hands of the Noah's Ark volunteer.

05-01-2013, 07:32 PM
And just barley audible was the "peep peep peep" of baby birds ... quite hungry.

Cute little guys. Did you feed them some barley? :whistle: That would be unusual for bluebirds, which eat mostly insects and arachnids, and (in winter) small fruit.

I salute you for taking care of these little guys.

05-01-2013, 11:09 PM
WOW those guys are tiny. Hope they survive...