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10-13-2013, 01:13 PM
Hey, Wade, what's this "text enhancer"?

Lately, when I post, something (apparently called "Text Enhancer") is coming in and turning some of my text into links. I observe that it's doing it to other people too.

I was able to get rid of its "enhancements" by editing my post to turn the offending link into gibberish, then editing it again to change it back. It may be gibberish still, but that's my fault exclusively.

Anyway, to me that "Text Enhancer" seems profoundly obnoxious.

Later: didn't get rid of it after all. But it may be at my end and not on ORR; the links appear when I view in IE8, but not when I view in Firefox. I'll investigate some more.

Still later: it's in my PC. Text Enhancer is malware that hijacks your browser and inserts ad links, mostly shady ones to criminal websites, in whatever you browse. Google Text Enhancer for additional information, including how to disable it.

In addition to doing the recommended things to disable it, I'm going to blacklist text-enhance.com in my routers.

10-13-2013, 09:06 PM
Glad you figgered it out.

Google offers text based advertising where certain words are linked to advertising. For example, the word "truck" would be highlighted and clicking on it would take you to an ad for Chevy Trucks.

I chose not to put it on ORR.net as I personally find it annoying and figgered everyone else on here would feel the same. So if someone is screwing around with the text on your browser, it's not ORR.net or our advertisers.