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06-05-2014, 11:22 PM
Myself and DW checked out a couple more RV campsite possibilities. First we went to "Chattahoochee Bend State Park" north west of Newnan, GA. This park is definitely off the beaten path next to the Chattahoochee River. It has 26 RV sites with 8 of them being pull-thru's. It is only a couple years old so it doesn't have signs of neglect. The parking pads are asphalt. I don't think they are perfectly level but close enough that leveling blocks probably wouldn't be needed. Hookup are water and electric. The lady at the sign-in building said they are in the process of adding cable. OTA TV reception is probably limited since it is a lot lower elevation than the surrounding area. Nice check-in building with a small store (no groceries) to sell a few accessories you may have forgotten and other goodies like sweat shirts, coffee mugs and other GA memorabilia. I got a annual senior pass for free admission to all the state parks for $35 that includes one free night of camping. Seniors get a 20% off of regular camping fees which is normally $28 so a $5.20 discount. Not a touristy area but a good place to relax in fact there isn't anything around for at least 20 miles. Lots of walking trails for the hearty. Lots of empty sites so no problem getting a reservation. Very nice roads in the park.

Next, F.D R (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) State Park just east of Pine Mountain. The largest state park with over 9,000 acres. Nice setting on Pine Mountain. A small dammed up lake in the camping area. They state there are 109 campsites but probably over half are for tents only. The RV sites are two different lengths, 25' and 40', which are around half and half for those lengths with a fair amount of pull-thru's. Generally good hard surface/packed gravel pads and the majority look to be level, water and elec hookups. A nice setting with close access to Warm Springs "Little White House" area and town of Pine Mountain. Both towns are a little touristy so for the ladies can have an opportunity to get some new old junk for the house/RV. Same standard cost for camping. There is a swimming pool in the park but not close to the camping area called "Liberty Bell" built back in the 30's by the CCC. As the name implies it was the place where FDR relaxed in the medicinal warm springs waters. A large swimming pool in the town of Warm Springs which may be in use or may not, I haven't checked it out lately. It was where FDR was treated for his polio rehab. Cheaper than multimillion dollar trips to Spain or Africa. Nice views off of the top of Pine Mountain along Hwy 190 looking down into the valley to the south.

I wouldn't mind setting up in either of these two state parks. I plan to be checking out more state parks during the year. I'll get photo's next time.

06-06-2014, 04:17 PM
My all time favorite Georgia State Park is Indian Springs. We also like to stay at High Falls which is close to Indian Springs, both are right off I-75 south of Atlanta but well north of Macon.

We are thinking of going down to Georgia Veterans SP. Have you been there yet?

06-06-2014, 11:05 PM
Plans are to make a trip down to "The Villages" sometime this summer to visit DW's cousin that she grew up with and hasn't seen in over 50 years. She said we are allowed to park in their driveway for up to a week. My first stop will be the Georgia Veterans State Park on the way down and on the way back. Looks like a neat place to look at the sights. After that stop I plan to go another 65 miles to Reed Bingham State Park. I just hope the gnats aren't so bad you can't sit outside in the evening since it is below the gnat line. They are supposed to have 18 full hook-up sites now. They are running a 50% off on camping there during the summer. You might want to take that in also.

They are running a 50% discount on 8 different state parks beginning July 15 and ending August 28th. Check it out. If you go to the Georgia Veterans park soon take some picture and give us a review. I wish I would have had my camera with me when we went to McKinney COE. The tiny fawns were really cute and only about 15' from us, I would guess not more that a couple days old.

06-07-2014, 02:25 PM
Be cautious. There are many narrow cul-de-sacs in The Villages. Turn down one of them, and you'll have to unhook the toad to back out. I know this first-hand.

06-07-2014, 09:23 PM
I was planning on doing Georgia Veterans the weekend of July 20.

I'll look for the special pricing...I guess that's on the web? Might change plans if the deal is better someplace else.

GNATS: I think the gnats go away in the evening. They only bother people during the day. But the piedmont of Georgia is the gnat production capital of the world.

06-07-2014, 10:58 PM
Georgia Veterans State Park is not one of the discounted ones but Reed Bingham is and it's 65 miles south of Georgia Veterans Park. Just Google "Georgia State Parks Summer Camping promotion" and it will give you the list of 8 different parks with 50% off. The gnat problem is interesting. If you Google "Georgia Gnat Line" you can get all the info. Has to do with prehistoric ocean shore line. the type of soil and the aquifer, pretty interesting but they sure are a pest. We were at the old KOA at Unadilla last year and we couldn't go outside. What a place that is. They roll up the sidewalks pretty early and there were no restaurants in that town. We stopped at a minimart right by the interstate and a clerk told us to cover our mouth when we breathe or we will suck a bunch of them in and keep your car windows closed or you will have a bunch of unwanted visitors. I was telling my next door neighbor about the gnats. He comes from south Georgia. He laughed and said "oh, you were below the gnat line". That's when I looked it up on the web.

06-08-2014, 12:58 AM
GNATS: I think the gnats ... only bother people during the day.

During the day they only bother them, but at night they pester them to death.

Mr. Ham
09-12-2014, 09:52 PM
Pennsylvania is full of State Parks, but beware of the price.
When I worked at one 30 years ago, it cost almost as much to park your camper as it cost to stay in one of their log cabins at Parkers Dam near Clearfield PA.

Cooks Forest has a really nice campground for camping trailers and still lot's to do before the autumn leaves turns colors and falls to the ground.

Clearcreek state park is really nice this time of year - same deal with the cabins.

Allegheny National Forest has a really nice place to camp at Loleta, and you can get a permit to drive and camp anywhere within the forest - along the roads. Plenty of nice places to camp.

Yellow Creek - near Indiana PA is a very nice camp ground, just far enough away from the towns - not to have a lot of traffic, and yet close enough that if you need something, you can get in your vehicle and be at a store in 25 minutes or less..

Presque Isle State Park - right on the shore of Lake Erie in Erie PA is a very nice place to stay.. My dad has his camper at Sarah's Campground - right at the entrance, near Waldameer Park .

09-13-2014, 07:38 AM
Incidentally, Marv, it's worth mentioning that your original post is among the best-written reviews I have read, ever.

09-13-2014, 09:26 AM
Interesting, I may have to visit one or two of those once I get a new motor in this house.... I'm stuck in Southern GA 3 miles from the Darien Mall, but it is a private campground (Cathead Creek) if anyone ever wants to park here and say hi,, You want to be here THURSDAY evening (So plan accordingly) park offers 30/50 (nearly all sites) Water, Sewer and decent Wi-Fi, You can go fishing in the creek (near) but other than the Mall (there are better malls) , and a few historical tings like Fort King George, We are in the middle of nowhere.

09-13-2014, 05:56 PM
Incidentally, Marv, it's worth mentioning that your original post is among the best-written reviews I have read, ever.

Thanks Carl, I try to get as much information as I can to cover the good and the bad about camp sites so there are no surprises when people get there. Of course the information is only what I'm interested in myself, others may have other interests. I don't want to be crowded together and am not a hiker as DW has a back problem and can't walk very well so I just look for a good place to sit back and relax and open my eyes for another day.

I like the COE campgrounds, maybe not the luxury of a resort but the price is right and good surroundings. Gunter Hill west of Montgomery. AL near Maxwell AFB has a new loop that was added a couple years back and has full hookups at at senior rate of $13/night. (America the Beautiful Pass) Service Park off of US Hwy 84 in SW Alabama on the Tombigbee River where you an watch barge traffic, fish if you want and another great place to take it easy, kept very clean by the hosts, $12/night. Nice pull through sites right on the river bank. Make sure you have groceries with you because the town of Coffeeville 3 miles away has little to offer.