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03-09-2015, 09:44 PM
I have had the radio for several months, but with all the work of getting settled in on full timing, have had limited operating time . May also be due to no decent antenna :-)

Anyone have any hints, shortcuts, etc. that help maximize the use of this radio?


03-10-2015, 11:43 AM
I have one and love it the radio is capable of a lot of stuff. The buttons are multi-functional (push and hold) the filtering is outstanding. If you have a laptop or a desk top down load the HRD free program and the USB driver from Icom it will make the IC7200 so easy to use you won't want to turn it off! I operate the IC7200 in my camper along with a screw driver antenna or my rotatable dipoles. You can look at the individual settings and modify them to your likes pretty simple operation as far as ease of use it beats my IC7000 hands down.

05-18-2015, 06:52 PM
This is an older post, but I just looked at the ICOM website and don't see the software discussed.

Can anyone provide me a link for the remote control software for the IC-7200?


05-18-2015, 07:56 PM
If you have the manual the url is in there. Or this one, http://www.icom.co.jp/world/support/download/firm/IC-7600/usb1_10/

05-18-2015, 08:29 PM
Try this site for the free HDR early software works fine for radio control after you down load the Icom usb driver. http://www.k4hlw.com/ham-radio-deluxe/

05-21-2015, 07:42 PM
thanks, I will take a look later this week.