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09-17-2015, 10:44 PM
I walked out to my backyard near my trailer and out of the corner of my eye I saw a small black colored animal scoot to the opposite side of the trailer. I thought, that was a strange looking little dog with a curly tail! So, I went around the front of the trailer and saw it. It was a little piglet. It scampered off into the wooded area behind my neighbors house. I don't live in the city but rather in suburbia with a lot of open/wooded areas around between the different sub-divisions. No farms nearby but there are several places with acreage off to one side at the rear of my property but no one that does any rowcrop harvesting, mostly just pasture land, so I am assuming it probably got out from one of them. It was not a pot bellied pig but just a domestic hog. About the only thing that would keep a little guy like that in would be a wood fence. Hog wire would have to big of an opening for one that small. If you raised hogs in open fields you had to have it "hog tight" fenced. I was born and raised on a farm in SW Iowa so I know the difference between a pot bellied hog and a domestic hog. I farmed myself during the first year after I graduated from HS but then decided I didn't want to work 24/7/365 so we rented out the farm ground. There is farm ground within a couple miles of me that graze cattle, I would guess some are around 100 acres. Travis Tritt has about 30 acres 5 miles from me.

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I have a neighbor that is a bit lax about his fences we have had visitors from miniature horses to full grown hogs to feeder cattle. I don't really mind we have 80 acres and I don’t have to chase them did that for years but you would think in his case it would get a bit old.

09-18-2015, 05:26 PM
I didn't see them but this morning I heard two bucks settling a dispute in the woods behind my house. I have an incredibly bright LED flashlight, had a look around to find them but no luck.

Deer season will be here soon. Maybe that will rid me of a few of these things. We can't even grow landscaping out by the mailbox for the freakin' deer eating it.

09-18-2015, 06:05 PM
We had a goat and its dog come down our road one July 4. Local animal control would take the dog but not the goat. We decided not to separate them because they were obviously "buds". We are in a semi rural area too. We checked around with neighbors that had goats but they were not theirs. Pretty soon we had a pen from one neighbor and a dog house for the goat to stand on from another.

The next day we got a call from another neighbor that had gotten our number from the sheriff's office and they retrieved the animals.

NOW, my wife wants to get a couple of goats. A week later on Sunday, I had finally talked her out of that idea and guess who shows up? The goat again. At least this time we new where to take it.

The story made the local paper.

09-18-2015, 08:02 PM
So, trivia:

Where did the term "got your goat" come from, and why would somebody want to take my goat anyway?