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09-18-2015, 06:31 PM
I was looking for a store bought first aid kit that I thought was both affordable and well stocked with things one would need in the event of say... a serious car wreck.

Looked around and found nothing affordable, much less well stocked.

Then I came across these on the American Red Cross web site:

http://www.redcrossstore.org/item/321275 for $27

http://www.redcrossstore.org/item/321325 for $21

They are well stocked, cleverly laid out in pockets inside and there seems to be room enough to add a few extras of your own in each kit. Perfect. I should have thought to look on the Red Cross site sooner. I have seen these same kits marked up much higher at web retailers.

Ordered 2 of each for camper, home and vehicles.

1st pic is the bigger kit, 2nd is the smaller. The pocked interior is similar on both kits.

:sick: :crutch: :oops:

09-23-2015, 07:31 PM
2 of the 4 kits I ordered arrived today. Shipping time not bad, as I ordered them Friday night and this is Wednesday. The kits are the smaller ones in the 2nd picture.

Arrived in good order and as pictured. You can't break the box because it's a bag. And it's almost impossible to spill the kit as it's all zippered in place. Pretty well stocked. Nicely organized. And you can't beat the price at $21

Not as much room for extra "add your own stuff" as I had hopped, but a little bit. Need some butterfly closures and just a few other things.

The other two should be here by the end of the week.

09-28-2015, 07:00 PM
The "Big Kit" came today. Shipping from Washington to Georgia was more than a week but it didn't cost much.

There's room in this kit for add-ons. There is a large pocket up front that is all but empty except for a cardboard instruction sheet. That will hold a lot of extra stuff.

The organization is a little better than the smaller kits with the "stuff" being divided up into smaller pockets. While the smaller kit is just about spill proof, you can spill the contents of this kit from all the little dividers, but that will take some effort.

There are some brief instructions on the paginated inserts that work like a ring binder. In fact, it IS a ring binder. The instructions remind you how to use the contents of each section.

The part I like best about this kit is it's shape. It fits easily either under a car seat or in my case the rear door pocket of the truck.

In my opinion, worth the $27, the few bucks shipping, and the weeks wait.

Need to add:

Snake bite kit (NO CUTTING)
Epi-pen (spelling?)
Butterfly closures
Hand sanitizer

and probably a few other things...

11-02-2015, 07:10 PM
Might add a package of "kotex". Great for that heavy bleeding head wound. Adsorbs a LOT of blood and a lot cheaper then a large abd pad from the medical supply house.