View Full Version : Greetings from Fairbanks, Alaska!

12-11-2015, 05:12 PM
This forum is just what I am looking for, I am retiring soon and getting ready to install some radio gear in my 36' fifth wheel to take on the road. I have been in the hobby since the mid 80's.

I would enjoy exchanging ideas with others experienced in HF mobile, RV style.

Best regards-Dale Powell
Fairbanks, Alaska

12-11-2015, 07:15 PM
You guys still camping up their? Maybe your heading south. I have a ball camping and hamming.

12-11-2015, 09:21 PM
I had to put the RV away a long time ago, we have had 50 inches of snow and it has been about 0 to 20 below lately.

12-11-2015, 09:26 PM
Ah! A little DX opening on the forum this evening!

Jump in and join the fun! Looking forward to your winterization tips! :cold:

12-12-2015, 07:59 AM
I had to put the RV away a long time ago, we have had 50 inches of snow and it has been about 0 to 20 below lately.

The local snowmobile group and I are heading into the woods today to install a 8,000# bridge now all we need is snow! It has been hot this winter so far, the ski slopes are starting to get worried Christmas is their biggest event of the season so feel free to send us some snow!

12-12-2015, 09:06 AM
I had to put the RV away a long time ago, we have had 50 inches of snow and it has been about 0 to 20 below lately.

Yow! Come visit in Florida. It'll be about 70 or a little warmer today, just like yesterday.

12-12-2015, 10:08 AM
Winterization is just like anywhere else, it just comes earlier. The trailer has been undergoing a full remodel gradually, I am very pleased with the results. New water heater, new Norcold fridge, upgraded heavy duty spring shackles, custom interior, home entertainment system coming next season, and the radio gear install also.

12-12-2015, 01:34 PM
... upgraded heavy duty spring shackles ...

To escape the shackles of winter?

12-12-2015, 03:15 PM
The first and most important three things are Location, location, Location

Now if you are, as I am now, A solo RVer.. You can put the radios anywhere handy.. Dining room table, Side board in bedroom, (Back Before Marraige I had a radio attached to the night stand, funny story omitted). anywhere you want.

My RV is a bath and a half model.. I was married when we bought it.. So wife is not a Ham and not interested (I tried, it would have been useful if she had gotten a Tech) so I put the radio in the half bath.. That way I could close the door.. But it is a bit .. er.. crowded there.. (no shower though so the radio is safe)

Location of antenna

location of second radio (I mounted a 2x4. somewhat beveled, on the side wall next to the driver's seat.. IT is bolted firmly to studs, Radios mount on that beam).

I have VHF/UHF/CB/CB in cockpit (19 and 13) and HF VHF/UHF in half bath and a hand held I can put anywhere.

If you have AT LEAST a general class another good spot to put "radios" is on your Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer

Go to or google to www.RemoteHams.com You can get the RCForb clioent for both Android (Beta 9.95) or PC (Free)

Once you have it installed, and your license uploaded and verified.. Then 9am Eastern on Friday, or 11 am EASTERN on Tuesday
Search in the app for N4GYN.. You may see my call as connected, we can chat while Ray runs the net and monisors (He dual tasks well less I nail him with a zinger just as the other station turns it over to him) You can even join the net using Ray's Radio.. I do that on bad proprogation days of if not at home.

Echo Link, Do Drop Inn is a popular reflector node... I do not know if it is still there as I've not checked in in a while but Mornings (Eastern) like 9 to noon is a good time. Again you must uplaod your license to the folks who run it to be authorized. Since Echolink is mostly VHF/UHF I think a Tech will do here.