View Full Version : There sure are a lot of RVrs on the road

08-03-2016, 09:03 PM
During my trip from Atlanta to the Omaha area DW and I noticed an abundance of RVs on the highways. Just going from Poplar Bluff, MO to Springfield on Hwy 60 (beautiful 4 lane by the way) we met over 50 RVs headed east, of course I don't know how may were headed west as that was the direction of my travel. But, every leg of the trip we met a continuous flow of RV's, even on the back roads. Then on the return leg of the trip we traveled east about 3/4th the width of Iowa and since we weren't on Interstate highways we passed many farmsteads. With few exceptions it seemed that every farm yard had a RV parked in it, mostly 5th wheels. I don't remember ever seeing that many RV's before. I know it has been very good for the manufacturers the past couple years and that was the evidence. A quite a bit of discussion about making campground reservations and I try to get all my stops reserved since I'm not set up for boondocking. The only spot I couldn't reserve was at a city park in Unionville, MO. That park was next to the county fairgrounds and when I inquired about it they said no reservations, but unless the fair was going on there wasn't any problem. As it turned out there was only about 4 RV's in the 50 spaces (full hook up by the way for $20).

Anyone traveling on a weekend should definitely plan to make reservations. Sundays thru Thursdays not a real problem. School starts around here pretty soon so weekday travelers should be in good shape.

08-04-2016, 08:24 AM
As the economy tightens people are downsizing, but we still like vacations.

The Sticks and bricks I had the payments were dang near identical to the Class A I'm in now, value was the same, taxes were several thousand dollars... Taxes on the A are 400/year. And then only if I'm driving it. the difference pays for a lot of gas.

Electric and natural gas avaraged about 200/month, parking 375 includes electric, water and sewer (I forgot 50/month for water and sewer on the sticks and bricks)

RV's make sense.

08-04-2016, 06:37 PM
Makes you wonder sometimes if many RVs serve more than one purpose.

1. Portable vacation cabin.
2. Self contained guest accommodations.
3. Escape pod. The ultimate "just in case we need to get WAY out of town" scenario.

Ours serves all three. And I hide Christmas presents out there.