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09-01-2016, 05:50 PM
I discovered this neat little app while playing around with my new Kindle Fire HD 10 tablet. The next day I got this email from ARRL:

RFinder is a web and app-based directory of Amateur Radio repeaters worldwide. Get online access to listings for 50,000+ repeaters in 170+ countries. RFinder is integrated with EchoLink® on Android™ and iOS. Includes access to the directory from the apps, RT Systems, CHIRP, web.rfinder.net, routes.rfinder.net, and a growing list of third party applications that use repeater data!

Only $9.99/Annual Subscription

You can get a free version. The paid version lets you update repeater data and interfaces with Google Earth to show you the expected coverage area of the repeaters. After I plunked down my $9.99 I found out that there is no Kindle compatible version of Google Earth. :waggle: But that's OK, I really don't need the maps feature. Other phones and tablets do have Google Earth versions available.

The repeater data is (theoretically) kept up to date at all times. Perhaps the handy repeater directory will now go the way of the paper QSL card.

This may not be the ideal tool for emergency use as an internet connection is required for it to work. If traveling to a disaster relief zone there may not be any internet, so a paper directory is desired.

All repeaters are lumped together for an area regardless of band. You can sort by distance, call and frequency.

The RFinder will send you an email copy of a .TPE (TravelPlus Export Format) file which I assume can me managed my your radio memory management software to load your radio. I don't know if any of my rigs are new enough to support such a thing. One of you guys will have to try it and let us know. It's just a .csv file that you can edit with Excel.

But for finding local repeaters while traveling it seems to get the job done.

Being the weather buff that I am, I still wish repeater directories would list which repeaters are part of the SkyWarn networks.

09-01-2016, 11:53 PM
That online repeater directory up until a few months ago was available from ARRL. When you got a printed repeater directory there was a code on the first page of the directory to give you online access but it has been discontinued because it was duplicated by the app you found and they didn't feel it necessary to offer any more.
For Skywarn look for the WX in the notes column of the directory. Check the Fayetteville KK4GQ repeater notes. Now I haven't got the app you have yet so I don't know if there is a notes column like the printed version but it should be noted somewhere with the "WX" if they used all the information about a repeater.

09-02-2016, 12:47 AM
I have used the ARRL version for the last couple of years. I have never looked for repeaters outside US and Canada. My version will not create a ,csv file as far as I j n ow.

I use RTSystems for programming. I am sure it would import the .csv file but it will automatically access free directories in a geographic area, which I use when we travel..

09-02-2016, 06:42 PM
Check the Fayetteville KK4GQ repeater notes.

KK4GQ "Doc" McDowell was my neighbor and the repeater that carries his call (now a club call for the Fayette ARC) used to be located on his small farm. Our property lines join.

He was the nicest old guy you ever met.

I was a part-time repeater trustee because I lived right next door and could run over there to fix stuff when there was a problem. Back in my old N4FIG days.