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10-11-2016, 11:41 PM
I wonder if wa8yxm (John) is OK. He is parked right in the thick of the hurricane with no way to leave (blown engine). He is in an RV park near Townsend GA, about 1/2 way between Brunswick and Savannah GA just a little west of I-95. I would imagine he got hit pretty hard and most likely was in a mandatory evacuation area. I was just at a local club meeting this evening and one of the members was called to a emergency communication center somewhere near Savannah, I didn't catch the name of the town but he said he set up the center about 10 years ago and then moved away and they called him for help because they didn't know how to use any of the equipment (sad). He said the person in charge was getting 6 figures in pay and didn't know a damn thing. In the heat of the storm all power and water was shut off. They got a call for someone that was having a heart attack and they didn't know how to handle it. He said they had updated equipment but it was not usable because it wasn't set up. It's not like they didn't know the storm was coming. No preparedness.

10-12-2016, 08:32 AM
That's a worry. I just now looked back at several threads, and as far as I can tell John last posted on October 5 at 1315. That's two days before Matthew went up the Georgia coast.

John, are you OK?

10-12-2016, 10:03 AM
He has a daughter that lives somewhere in the area, perhaps he has gone to be with her.

10-12-2016, 03:36 PM
Darling Daughter moved to Wyoming.. i'm still stuck here with a blown main engine.
I'm 3 Miles north of the mandatory evaucation line
High water was anticipated to be 12 feet (Turned out to be 9) i'm at 15 per Google
Winds were expected to be around 100MPH, did not quite make it, This rig has withstood 100MPH before w/o damage.

Total damage:
passanger side rear view mirror came unclipped, It has been re-clipped. no cost (not the first time it is damaged from a prior incident)

Trim strip (the "insert" in the screw rail) on driver's side came out, Put it back No cost

A small tear in a slide topper became larger.. From about 1" to about 1'. Fixed low cost (less than a dolalr in materials).

Though the park was 48 hours w/o power Mr. Onan worked flawlessely, The park water pump, naturally failed, but I had on-board fresh water, In fact I just finished sanatizing it before the storm... Lost cable TV, (OTA worked) interenet and phone.. ham Radio of course worked.

So I came through rather well.. Other than the length of the storm, it was not any worse than several others I've weathered where I'm at..... But I was watching the predictions like a hawk. Most time I've spent reading weather reports in a long time.

10-12-2016, 04:40 PM
Now that's good news.

10-12-2016, 04:58 PM
Glad to hear you made it through the storm with limited damage. It's good that most MH's are self sufficient so that allows you to tough it out.

10-13-2016, 11:36 AM
I'm kind of glad myself.. One problem is I had no internet for a few days and then I had to play "Catch Up" for a few days so I'm stilll doing that.

And thanks for the concern by the way.. nice to be missed sometimes.