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10-17-2016, 07:59 PM

I had a fresh pay check and enough time to swing by the new Gander Mountain without being too late for supper. So I got me two of these. Brought them home and set them up in the driveway. Went in the house to find Sweet Wife.

"Come outside and see the new chairs I got for the camper!"

"Chairs? We don't need chairs. We have plenty of chairs. Where are you going to put them? Do we have room for chairs? Why did you get chairs?”

Then she sees them. “Oh OK, these are ROCKING chairs."

Then she sat in one. “Oh, yeah. OK. Well. I can forgive you.” And she nearly nodded off to sleep.

The chairs are made wide and roomy and are rated at 300 pounds. (I don’t need that much, but hey…) The backs are tall enough you can lean your head back and rest. They are made of power coated steel and not aluminum which makes them a bit heavy.

Being rockers they are a bit “thick” when folded and don’t stack well. And a chair that is this roomy is not going to fold into a petite little package. I haven’t even tried to put them in the basement of the 5th wheel. They will have to ride in the cabin. I have a moving blanket to wrap them in.

The chairs fold and unfold easily once you read and follow the directions. They will not fold up on you while you are sitting in them thanks to a nifty little safety latch. There is a handy clip that keeps them folded when stored. There are no cup holders.

The chairs are wonderfully comfortable. There is something about the way the padding is made that gives great lower back support. The armrests are not padded, but are comfortable and sturdy. There are two styles, green/black and camo. They are great for napping, watching TV or grandkids or sunsets. They are often on sale for $20 off and the stores will have stacks of them.

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I had a fresh pay check.

What's a Pay Check?

03-14-2017, 07:59 PM
Gander Mountain is closing 32 stores. You might get to snag some chairs at a good deal, since these seem to be a staple item in the stores and always seem to be on sale.

I've never been in a Gander Mountain where there wasn't 50 or so of these in stock.

03-14-2017, 09:21 PM
Gander Mountain should have built a store in Goose Creek, SC. That would have been a reproducible success.

But, of course, success is hard to predict. It might have laid an egg.