View Full Version : Atlanta Camper Camping and RV Show Jan 27-29

01-27-2017, 10:47 PM
Went to the camper show today. Opened at 11:00am and we got there about 11:15. Pretty long line getting into the building (mostly all inside) and took maybe 15 minutes to get through the door. Glad it was inside since the outside temp was in the low 40's. 9 dealers in the exhibit. No Campers World was there although it is said that they recently bought RV World of GA and will continue under that name, the other dealer with seemingly poor after sale service is Campers Inn who was there. National Indoor RV was there with the BIG boy toys, out of my budget. Seemed to be pretty good interest in RV's.

I didn't talk to many sales people as there was nothing there that would fit my needs. My desire is a TT with 2 doors, with 1 or 2 slides (sofa/dinette-bedroom-or wardrobe slide(s)), need a wardrobe since we are usually on the road for 2-3 weeks at a time. DW wants a rocker/recliner chair. Prefer "U" shaped dinette area, don't want free standing table in chairs as you lose storage then. Need standup shower, queen bed and under 6,000# dry weight. Of the TT's we looked at with floor plans we liked most had no wardrobe. I want to stay with Forest River companies because their customer service is much better than the rest of the pack. What they do at the FROG (Forest River Owners Group) International Rally in Goshen is great, if you need a manufacturing defect repaired, even if no longer under warranty, they will fix it for ZERO cost, and usually end up fixing other things you never knew were bad. There have been people that nearly got a total rebuild, I don't know of another manufacturing group that will do that. I don't think a Thor product will get that kind of attention.

So, Wade are you going this weekend? It's about a 50 mile drive each way for me from the west side but probably about the same every day drive for you as going to work at the airport.

01-28-2017, 11:24 AM
Went to that one some years ago.. Very dissappointed. Small show, not much to offer beyond Hot dogs and a gift bag.

01-29-2017, 08:24 AM
It came up on me unexpected this year. I wasn't paying attention. :bag:

I thought about dropping by last night after my weekly "date" with my Mom as the show is near her house. I was reminded the show was on when I saw a billboard with the dates on it and said "Oh gee, that's today"

Last time I went to one of those I was convinced the 5ver I own now is the only RV I will ever own. So I think I'll pass.