View Full Version : Packing up

03-05-2017, 10:38 PM
After 10 months in an apartment, and 2 major hip operations on the wife, we are moving out.
We have bought a house.

The house is in our names only , but our daughter and her family are moving in with us ( it's a pretty big house). And they are paying half of the costs.

The downside is that we will be selling the fifth wheel. At this point we have decided not to continue with full time RVing, so, we don't need that big of a unit.

I think old age caught up with us and we can't risk having a major medical issue on the road like we had with the wife's hip.

After the trailer is sold, will trade truck in for something smaller that we can park in normal sized spaces.

I did not say we are stopping RVing, just not continuing as full-timers. After we get settled, yard fenced, sod installed, and finances re-evaluated, I want to get a more modest unit and do some shorter trips.

Anybody know someone who is looking for a fifth-wheel?