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07-02-2017, 08:07 PM
73 s from Rhode Island.full timing rv in 2 months,yea. 73s

07-02-2017, 09:12 PM
Welcome to the group, I think most of the regulars are out and about this weekend. Radio is the admin for the site, Carl is usually around stays in Tallahassee most of the time, since John got his engine replaced he seems to be on the go so don't know here he right now. This is a great friendly group that doesn't take themselves seriously. We have fun with a little radio and RVn mixed in.

I'm just kind of sticking close to the house for several weeks as I assist in license classes and we have a 4 day tech class coming up the middle of the month and then an emergency management group for a local county wants to have a class for 50 people and then testing after that. That should be interesting. I am a VE for one of the busiest groups on the East coast.

Give us a little more info on yourself, how long you have been in the hobby, what kind of equipment do you have. You say you will be fulltiming is a couple months, where are you planning to spend your time?

I'm Marvin. KT4W, been licensed since 1992, 2 sons, DIL and BIL are licensed also. FIL is silent key. I have 2 HF rigs, a FT-450 and a FTDX-1200 that I haven't used yet (propagation sucks), a FT-7800 and a couple HT's. Live on the West side of Atlanta about 25 miles from downtown.

Don't be a stranger. Check in often.

07-04-2017, 12:47 PM
Welcome aboard. We actually like new folks here. Feel free to stomp around like you own the place. Everyone else does.