View Full Version : Changes in Life

08-23-2017, 08:09 PM
Sort of a good news/bad news post.

Bad News -
due to wife's ongoing hip issues (4 operations in 2 years on same hip) decided straying from home too far is no longer a good idea. So, full-timing in the 5er is complete. We had a great time while we doing it, saw some awesome sights and met lots of nice people.

We sold the RV (kept the truck) and bought a stick and brick residence.

Good News -
We ended up buying the nicest house we have ever had, and our daughter and family are living with us ( 2 adults, 3 grands, dog, cat).
House is owned by wife and me, the kids pay rent, and cook, and mow grass, and other misc duties. They are good kids and have really helped us out.

So, we are temporarily unRV'ed (that's a new word I just invented ).

Time will tell if we can get back in the game with a small RV and take some shorter trips.