View Full Version : August 2017 Test Session

08-28-2017, 09:42 PM
Well, another one down. We had 7 people take exams and all passed the exam they came to test for. There were a couple get General Class, one got Extra and the rest got a new Technician License.

I got a little surprise when I got there. One of the other VE's brought cake and Ice Cream to celebrate my 100th VE exam session with ARRL VEC. I wasn't expecting that and I appreciate the recognition. I actually am probably closer to 120 exam sessions counting the ones I worked with other VEC organizations locally (CAVEC and Laurel VEC). We have a good time at the sessions and usually have about 10 VE's in attendance.

This Thursday I will be helping with a test session at a local elementary school and administering exams to 11 and 12 year olds. We have one young man that will be testing for General. Since we will use Laurel VEC for this session there will be no charge to take the exam. In case some of you may not be familiar with Laurel VEC, it is a club based organization out of Laurel MD and all their exam sessions are at no charge. Apparently they have a benefactor that subsidizes it since the FCC charges $7 from the last information I have. Another plus with Laurel VEC is the test results are submitted directly to the FCC and licenses are issued the very next day (except tests done on Friday/Saturday)

An additional question has been put back on Form 605 that has a box to check asking if you have every been convicted of a felony. It was on the 605's some years back but for some reason was removed for 605's used for ham radio licenses, but is back on now. If you check YES you must submit a statement explaining the conviction to determine if a license will be granted. The question is not used for address changes and license renewals submitted on a Form 605, only new or upgraded licenses. It was never removed for other communication licenses.