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01-14-2018, 09:37 PM
We just finished a test session on Friday (Jan 12) at Mill Spring Academy. We had 5 students test and 2 that passed the Tech exam. This was the second time we have conducted a test session at this school. What I just learned this time was the fact that this school is for LD/ADHD students only. They have about 400 students in the school and it is not cheap to have a young one learning here. Tuition for 2018 is $24,000/yr and if you want bus transportation it is an additional $1800.

Martha Muir, W4MSA, is the science teacher there and trustee of the club station at the school, WA4MSA. The school also has the help of the North Fulton Amateur Radio League.

Elden Morris, N1MN, and I are conducting another class session for people wanting to upgrade to General. Our last class will be next Saturday and then we will have a test session after the class with 17 expected to take part in that. Then we will have our regular test session on the 4th Monday of the month so we have been pretty busy. We had a Tech license session (3 Saturdays) in December with 12 new Techs getting their license. So, anyway it keeps us out of the bars.
Marv KT4W